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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Revision of My HomePage

P. E. Oppenheimer's Web site, Paul E. Oppenheimer, is undergoing continual revision. Most recently, the following corrected entry has been added:

  • Poggio, T., Little, J., Gamble, E., Geiger, D.,
    Weinshall, D., Villalba, M., Larson, N., Cass, T., Bülthoff, H.,
    Drumheller, M., Oppenheimer, P., Yang, W., Hurlburt, A., Beymer, D.,
    O'Donnell, P., and Gillett, W., "The MIT Vision Machine,"
    Proceedings of the DARPA Workshop on Image Understanding, (1988);
    reprinted as "The MIT Vision Machine" in
    Artificial Intelligence at MIT: Expanding Frontiers
    (Cambridge, MA, USA: MIT Press, 1990), pages 492–529.